A simple profile creation system that exists on your machine. whether it’s a modded slot cabinet, a custom built casinocade or just a spare computer running Casino Box.

What it is:

The Profile System is a simple user creation and selection system that lets multiple people enjoy the same machine with their own profile and own credit count.

We know that when someone builds a Casino Box based system they want to share the gaming experience with their friends and

family. This 100% offline and self contained profile system allows that to happen.


  • Create New Profiles (Name, Avatar Image)
  • Use Existing Profiles (View a Profiles Current Credits)
  • Delete Existing Profiles


This feature has already been created and tested using a mouse & keyboard as well as cabinet controls.

Future Ideas (Not Plans or Promises):

  • Stats Per Profile
  • Favorite Games Per Profile
  • Collectable Rewards Per Profile