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With retail game releases on the Steam digital store and many casino titles in the works, we want to expand into a Cabinet Modding / Maker space with our future development. This is where Casino Box comes into play. We’ve done extensive research on the offerings in the casino games hobby and we know we can build what the community needs and wants.

Here are the last two retail games we released on Steam that support custom cabinet play, this was just the start of an exciting project using similar technology.

Paragon Slots

Enjoy 3 unique slot games. paragon Slots offer you a classic game of slots with a dark fantasy theme. Line up three or more symbols from left to right to win cash or even bonus games. Match the featured symbols to view each of the games characters and their party.

Sensual Slots

Enjoy 3 unique slot games. Featuring Women, Men and Anthropomorphic characters. A classic game of slots with an adult twist. Line up three or more symbols from left to right to win cash or even bonus games. Match the featured symbols to view the games characters and more in their natural beauty.

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Major announcements can be found here, but you can find the most up-to-date information in our Discord, join it now using the top menu.

Basic Blackjack Is Ready!

We have focused on Slots based games so getting the first card based game “Basic Blackjack” in here is very exciting. It will be available in the Community Test 3.

First Mod-able in game Content!

It’s a big day for Casino Box. The first in game Mod-able image has been implemented! By putting a PNG image of a certain size and name in the “/CUSTOM” …

Casino Box – Test 2

Just in time for the weekend we are looking for tester to take part in Test 2. Everyone is welcome, please join our discord for access.

Casino Box – Requirements Test

This test is running on: Intel Core I3-7100 CPU (3.9Ghz)8 GB RamWindows 11Intel HD Graphics 630 (Built In)Driving 2 HDMI screens (1920×1080 and 1208×1024) Note: The GFX card is at …

Testing Hardware

It’s off-center and ugly but it allows us to test multiple setups with one test unit. I wanted a 4:3 aspect screen and a 16:9 aspect screen so I can …

Scatter Rewards – Prizes

The progress bar on the left side under the profile avatar (Icon of a gift) increases when you get a Scatter win, once that bar gets to the top you …

Prize Wheel Preview

Some games need to have a static bonus game, but for those games that can have a random bonus game we’ve developed a prize wheel system. Chances to win Jackpots, …