Casino Box will be a free “Front End” software that contains a library of casino games. A few games will be available for free to get you up and running and then you can choose o purchase our future game releases if you want the game available on your custom casino cabinet.

What We Found on the Market:

We did extensive research in the Casino hobbyist offering and found the available options to be lacking. This is what we found:

  • Ancient M.A.M.E. Casino Game Emulation
  • Foreign Casino Game Services
  • Countless Android Apps of various quality
  • Old PC software not compatible with Custom Machines
  • Free online Casino Sites full of Ads
  • No dedicated Casino based Front End Software
  • Real hardware that costs a fortune and needs regular maintenance

What We Found People Wanting:

  • A Casino Based Front End Software
  • Software that looks and feels like a real Casino Machine (Various Generations)
  • Something that can revive old dead slot machines
  • Something to run in custom modder or maker made cabinets
  • A system that doesn’t contain ads
  • A system that doesn’t require internet to work
  • Something that works on old and new monitors (Real Cabinets & PCs)
  • Multi Monitor Support that isn’t a requirement to play
  • Something reasonably priced