Being forced to play a game with only one form of control doesn’t suit everyone or even all hardware options. We’ve taken this into consideration when planning Casino Box.

Included Controls:

We are still working to bring the nest control system to Casino Box that we can, but currently it supports:

  • Keyboard Controls
  • Touch Controls
  • Mouse Controls
  • Generic USB Gamepad Controls
  • Zero Delay USB Controls
  • XBOX Controller Controls
  • PlayStation Controller Controls

Expanding The Control Systems:

We want to complete the control mapping for all possible games we can offer and then work towards the user custom mapping of the play controls. This will not only let people play using the controls they want, but it will also allow the Casino Box system to be integrated into already existing custom casino cabinets.

We also understand that some real slots machine cabinets have a limited set of buttons and complete control over every aspect of the controls will make this an easier integration process.