Casino Box Slots Game Integration Testing

We are looking for testers to try out the first test of a slots game integrated with Casino Box. Both currently under very active development.

In this video you can see that there is a an active profile playing the Slots game “Buffalo Plains” in Casino Box.

As they play their Casino Box Profile is leveling up, the local Mini jackpot is increasing (all profiles contribute and can win it). Winning and loosing spins advanced them to rewards like digital prizes and a change at spinning the “Bonus Wheel” where they can win multiple different prizes like: Free Spins, Mini Game Play, Credits, Jackpots, Digital Prizes and more.

If you have multiple monitors the jackpots are shown on Screen 2.

Join our community if you are interested in the Casino Box project or would like to help with these development tests.

NOTE: This is not actual gambling, it’s a front end casino system for modders and makers to run on their cabinets at home, or just to be enjoyed on a PC.

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